-800,000 children under 18 were reported missing in 1999 in the US
-573,000 reported cases of children missing involuntary, lost or injured in the US
-45, 090 missing children reported in Canada in 2012
-Child can wander off and be separated from parent
-While playing with friends an accident can occur
-Allergic reaction can happen at any moment
-Supervisors of child may not be aware of potential medical risks
-Children with Asthma or Diabetes encounter complications


Be worry free during your child’s next outing with KareKids. Have piece of mind knowing if they get lost or an accident occurs they will be safe.

-Custom QR code unique to your child’s personality links to KareKids Webpage
-KareKids Webpage with contact and medial information available to first responders
-Email notification when QR code is scanned to alert the parents
-GPS location of the smartphone that scanned the QR Code so can quickly locate child
-Ensure your child will be safely returned to you in the event they are lost
-Provide first responders with the necessary information to keep your child healthy and safe