Muprime specializes in the development and execution of offline-to-online technologies and geo-content applications while providing data visualization and location based analytics services. QRArtist is the current product platform that validates the effectiveness of real-time geo-referenced data analysis, the effectiveness of geo-based content, and the benefits of real-time social media analysis for clients. Real-time location data is listed below according to country and further expanded to city and specifying the amount of scans each location received.

QR Scans Per Location (Countries)

With this current platform utilizing geolocation applications, data is received in real-time providing the user with detailed information of where the QR codes are being scanned.

QR Scans Per Location (Cities)

The map visually shows the location of scans and the amount.

Total Scans (Per Day)

This data and analytics provided by the platform is crucial knowledge for clients to be fully informed of their campaigns. This allows them to track progress instantaneously in order to make any necessary adjustments resulting in maximized success.

Total Scans (Per Device)

Further analytics is provided regarding the total scans summarized in a graph with the option to be filtered according to day, week, month and all. In addition users receive Scans Per Device data to know which device is being to conduct the scans.