About Us

Muprime Technology Inc. is a start-up company that was created with the sole focus of filling in the gap between design and technology. The team is currently working on QR Artist, a tool that allows users to create unique QR codes based on their own preferences.

Roham Sheikholeslami


CEO / Co-founder

For Roham, founding Muprime was a natural progression of his interest in using a systematic approach in collaboration with art and design to solve significant problems. Roham holds two Master’s degrees in architecture and interactive design from Simon Fraser University, and was previously a senior software developer and product designer at Autodesk. At Muprime, Roham works to ensure the current project is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Personal Website: www.rohamsh.com

Behzad Behroozan


President / Co-Founder

Prior to Muprime, Behzad was the co-founder and CEO of Amotrolex Technologies. Combining his experience with start-up companies and a degree in biomedical and electrical engineering from Simon Fraser University, Behzad helps lead the team in working quickly to develop Muprime into its full potential of being an innovator in technological applications.

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